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VAESSEN, John (b. 1916)

U.S. Navy WWII Veteran.

Interview ID: OH 0587

His experiences while trapped inside the overturned target battleship USS Utah during the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
Date of Interview: 05/12/1982

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VALENTA, Marcus (b. 1905)

U.S. Army WWII Veteran.

Interview ID: OH 0416

Catholic chaplain. His experiences at the post chapel at Schofield Barracks during the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
Date of Interview: 20/04/1978

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VALENTINE, Jeffrey (b. 1975)

Interview ID: OH 1617

For the Arms Along the Border Oral History Project. Instructor for Outward Bound wilderness program in Redford, Texas. Experiences growing up in Midwest; love of outdoors; career in Peace Corps; interactions with people of Redford; opinions regarding shooting of Esequiel Hernandez, Jr., and activities of U.S. Border Patrol.
Date of Interview: 29/10/2006

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VAN NOSTRAND, Stephen E. (b. 1918)

Caltex Petroleum Corporation.

Interview ID: OH 0702

Former executive, Caltex Petroleum Corporation. Service during World War II; initial employment with Caltex (China); aviation representative, South China; Chinese Revolution, 1949; manager, Caltex Okinawan operation, 1957-59; relationswith military government on Okinawa; formation of Ryuku Oil Corporation; head of marketing, Caltex (Japan), 1960; president, Caltex (Japan), 1964; joint ventures with Nippon Oil Company and Koa Oil Company; increasing refining capacity from 60,000 bbls. to 900,000 bbls. per day; crude oil contracts; Nippon Petroleum Refining Company; refinery rehabilitation and construction; Shun Nomura, his role in Caltex operations in Japan; Caltex relations with MITI; Nippon Oil Staging Terminal Company; relations between Caltex (Japan) and New York headquarters; OPEC and its effects upon Caltex (Japan); character sketches of Neal Lilley, Alec Singleton, and James Voss (former chairmen of the board, Caltex); comments about various Japanese oil executives.
Date of Interview: 20/04/1987

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VARNELL, Lawrence (b. 1922)

U.S. Navy WWII Veteran.

Interview ID: OH 0717

His experiences while aboard the battleship USS Maryland during the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
Date of Interview: 12/11/1987

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VEGA, Paola (b. 1991)

Interview ID: OH 2011

For the DFW Metroplex Immigration Oral History Project. High school teacher. Her experiences immigrating from Mexico to Carrollton, Texas in the 1990s at the age of three; her parents’ immigration experience; being a Mexican immigrant student in American public schools; learning English; ESL and Bilingual programs; stigma associated with being an immigrant and Spanish-speaking student; her parents’ work experiences in the U.S.; realities of being an illegal immigrant; the citizenship process; challenges of being a Mexican immigrant during college; treatment and perceptions of Mexican Americans and Mexican immigrants; feeling ostracized and isolated from peers and colleagues; how experiences influence her approach to teaching; discrimination in education system; cultural ties to Mexico; identity crisis experienced by immigrants; Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)/Dreamer program; experiencing poverty, oppression, insecurity due to immigrant status.
Date of Interview: 27/02/2021

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VELA, Dr. Gerard Roland (b. 1927)

Interview ID: OH 1628

UNT Professor Emeritus of Microbiology. Family history; childhood and early education in Crystal City and San Antonio, Texas; service in World War II-era U.S. Navy; undergraduate education at San Antonio College and University of Texas-Austin; love of chemistry, genetics, and microbiology; graduate education at UT-Austin; fellowship at Harvard University; decision to join North Texas faculty in 1965; growing pains involved with transitioning North Texas into a research university; construction of research program; relationship with students; involvement in Faculty Senate with emphasis on increasing faculty governance; service on Denton City Council.
Date of Interview: 21/07/2004

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VENABLE, James C. (b. 1921)

U.S. Marine Corps WWII Veteran. E Battery. 1st Defense Battalion.

Interview ID: OH 0073

Security administrator. His experiences as a prisoner-of-war of the Japanese during World War II. Fall of Wake Island and capture, 1942; Wusong Prison Camp, Shanghai, 1942; Kiangwang Prison Camp, 1942-45; Pusan, Korea, 1945; coal mining at Hakodate, Hokkaido, 1945; liberation.
Date of Interview: 13/04/1971

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VINADO, Daniel (b. 1959)

Interview ID: OH 1690

For the DFW Metroplex Immigrants Oral History Project. Venezuela-born immigrant to suburban Lewisville, Texas. Family history; parent's immigration from Spain to Venezuela; childhood and education in Caracas, including Simon Bolivar University; career with Schlumberger oil services company and as an industrial business owner; marriage; election of Hugo Chavez; decision to open a small business; importance of family; efforts to integrate self into local business community.
Date of Interview: 05/10/2009

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VINCENT, Richard (b. 1924)

Interview ID: OH 1615

Founding pastor of Metropolitan Church of Christ of Dallas. Family religious history; childhood in Missouri; creation of Circle of Friends congregation and Metropolitan Community Church in Dallas, and Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches denomination; prison ministry; challenges of establishing a Christian church in Dallas with a special outreach to the gay community; political activism.
Date of Interview: 14/03/2006

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VISAGE, William A. (b. 1922)

U.S. Army WWII Veteran. 2nd Battalion. 131st Field Artillery. Texas National Guard.

Interview ID: OH 0698

Accountant, former member of the "Lost Battalion." His experiences as a prisoner-of-war of the Japanese during World War II. Fall of Java and capture; Surabaja, Java, 1942; Changi Prison Camp, Singapore, 1942; hell ship to Japan, 1942; Nagasaki shipyards, 1942-45; Orio, Kyushu; liberation; observations of Nagasaki after dropping of the A-bomb.
Date of Interview: 15/07/1987, 16/07/1987

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VIVIAN, Joseph (b. 1911)

Interview ID: OH 1006

His experiences while employed by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression. Childhood in Central Texas; joining the CCC; assignment to Company 1803 at F-4-T near Ratcliff, Texas; description of camp; life in camp.
Date of Interview: 17/02/1994

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VO, David (b. 1970)

Interview ID: OH 2072

For DFW Immigration Oral History Project. Vietnamese immigrant. Childhood in wartime and immediate post-war Vietnam; Communist persecution and flight from the country; Vietnamese boat people; experiences in refugee camps in Japan and the Philippines; immigration to the United States and subsequent challenges; careers with Ryobi and Bosch; move from California to Oklahoma; importance of family; thoughts on contemporary Vietnamese immigrants.
Date of Interview: 05/03/2023

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VOERTMAN, Paul (b. 1929)

Voertman's Bookstore.

Interview ID: OHB 0013

President, Voertman’s Book Store, Denton, Texas. Founding of Voertman’s by his father; early years of store; Depression; opening of store near Texas Woman’s University; effects of North Texas State University opening its own bookstore; education; early work experience; growth in merchandise lines; problems of book business.
Date of Interview: 24/06/1977

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VOGEL, Donald Stanley (b. ca. 1920)

Interview ID: OH 1493

Artist, art dealer. His recollections concerning painter Perry Nichols. His early years as a painter after coming to Dallas from Chicago, 1942; comments about the “Dallas Nine”; building a clientele for his paintings; his relationship with John Rosenfield, the arts and music critic for the Dallas Morning News; his business partnership with Betty McLean in the Betty McLean Art Gallery, 1951-54; his criticism of Nichols’s work habits; comments about Nichols’s personal life; his role in Nichols’s mural painted for the Belo Corporation; his critique of the Belo mural; the importance of self-discipline to the successful artist.
Date of Interview: 12/02/2003

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VOGEL, Fred (b. 1912)

U.S. Army WWII Veteran. 136th Infantry Regiment. 33rd Infantry Division.

Interview ID: OH 1423

Attorney. His experiences in the Southwest Pacific Theater during World War II. His educational background; law school at Drake University and marriage; his pre-war law practice; enlistment in the Army, January, 1942; basic training, Camp Robinson, Arkansas, 1942; Officer Candidate School, Camp Robinson and Fort Benning, Georgia, 1942-43; various assignments at other military installations, 1943-44; transfer to the 136th Infantry Regiment and assignment to the Southwest Pacific Theater, 1944; various administrative assignments on New Guinea; invasion of Morotai, 1944; his work as an S-2 officer with PT boats; Philippine operations and his duties as a staff officer, 1945; occupation duty in Japan, 1945.
Date of Interview: 13/06/2001

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VOGT, John (b. 1947)

Interview ID: OH 1051

Physician. His experiences concerning the Kaiser Permanente-Prudential Insurance Company joint venture in providing health care.
Date of Interview: 24/02/1995

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VOHS, James A. (b. 1928)

Interview ID: OH 1050

Businessman. His experiences concerning the Kaiser Permanente-Prudential Insurance Company joint venture in providing health care.
Date of Interview: 14/03/1995

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VOSS, James (b. 1916)

Caltex Petroleum Corporation.

Interview ID: OH 0680

Former chairman of the board and chief executive officer, Caltex Petroleum Corporation. Education; military service in China during World War II; employment with Caltex, 1946; assignment to Shanghai as legal officer; land titles and property claims in China; postwar marketing strategies in the Far East; competition from Shell and Standard Vacuum; formation of Caltex, his version; Chinese inflation; fall of the Kuomintang, 1949; postwar movement of crude oil, its significance; hostage of radical students at National Chaotung University; character sketches of Phil Lefevre, J. M. Hansen, Hans Bieling, and George Rockholtz; evolution of fuel oil as under boiler fuel; purchase of T-2 tankers, their significance; Caltex hostages in Red China; development of the Japanese and Okinawan markets by Caltex; Nippon Oil company and Koa, joint ventures; Tokyo Tanker Company; Shun Nomura, his significance; joint ventures in refineries in Japan; Nippon Petroleum Refining Company; Indonesia and the Minas field; development of the Korean market; Lucky Chemical and Goldstar, joint ventures; Yosu refinery; development of the Okinawan market; military fuel oil contracts; development of the Filipino market; Batangas refinery; development of the Australian market; ALOR, Ampol, Sleigh; Kurnell refinery; financing refinery expansion; purchase by Caltex of Texaco’s European and North African operations, 1947; Bahrain and Bapco during the immediate postwar period; formation of ARAMCO; reorganization into Caltex East, Caltex West, Caltex Services Company; assignment to New York, 1961; European operations; spin-off of European operations to Texaco and Socal, 1967; comments about Alec Singleton, Neal Lilley; evolving relationship between Caltex (New York) and its subsidiaries; OPEC and its effects on Caltex; his policies and style as president and chairman of the board; expropriation and nationalization; reentry of Caltex into People’s Republic of China; evolution of Caltex operations in South Africa; transfer of Caltex headquarters from New York to Dallas; review of significant trends and influences in Caltex operations; pricing policies; changes in Caltex relations with Japan; evolving relationship between Caltex and parent companies (Texaco and Socal).
Date of Interview: 09/01/1986, 04/04/1986, 20/06/1986

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VRACIU, Alex (b. 1918)

U.S. Navy WWII Veteran. VF-3 and Fighter Squadron 16.

Interview ID: OH 1037

His experiences as a naval aviator in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Assignment to VF-3 as wingman for "Butch" O'Hare; assignment to the carrier Essex; Wake Island raids, 1943; becoming an Ace at Kwajalein, 1944; Truk raid, 1944; assignment to Fighter Squadron 16 on the carrier Lexington; second Truk raid, 1944; "Great Marianas Turkey Shoot," 1944; raids on Clark Field, Philippines; shot down on Luzon and subsequent operations with Filipino guerrillas.
Date of Interview: 09/10/1994

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