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Former executive, Caltex Petroleum Corporation. Service during World War II; initial employment with Caltex (China); aviation representative, South China; Chinese Revolution, 1949; manager, Caltex Okinawan operation, 1957-59; relationswith military government on Okinawa; formation of Ryuku Oil Corporation; head of marketing, Caltex (Japan), 1960; president, Caltex (Japan), 1964; joint ventures with Nippon Oil Company and Koa Oil Company; increasing refining capacity from 60,000 bbls. to 900,000 bbls. per day; crude oil contracts; Nippon Petroleum Refining Company; refinery rehabilitation and construction; Shun Nomura, his role in Caltex operations in Japan; Caltex relations with MITI; Nippon Oil Staging Terminal Company; relations between Caltex (Japan) and New York headquarters; OPEC and its effects upon Caltex (Japan); character sketches of Neal Lilley, Alec Singleton, and James Voss (former chairmen of the board, Caltex); comments about various Japanese oil executives.

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Physical Description 101 pp. plus documents (3 pp.)
Terms of Use Open
Interviewer(s) Ronald E. Marcello
Date of Interview April 20, 1987

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