Digital Projects and Collections | Oral History

Digital Projects and Collections

UNT students, faculty, and staff have created several digital projects featuring interviews from the Oral History Program. Other Collections include multiple interviews over a specific field of study or topic of interest. They include:

Postpartum Depression and Maternal Mental Health Collection. Research by Rachel Louise Moran for her book-in-progress Postpartum Politics: Motherhood and Mental Health in Modern America.

The Green Pioneers Oral History Project. Practitioners and Policymakers who have advanced sustainable design in North Texas

Flying Voices. The in-flight and ground experiences of Braniff International Airways through a collection of former Braniff employee interviews.

Blowout: A Community's Engagement with Fracking (coming soon)

The Crisis at Mansfield. This online museum examines the events and atmosphere surrounding the 1956 desegregation "crisis" at Mansfield as a window into the turmoil of the civil rights movement in Texas during these tumultuous years. Offering access to a wide array of digital objects, the museum provides exhibits and collections that explore these events within Mansfield, and places them within a state and national context.

The St. John's Community Project, an online museum that explores the history of African Americans in Denton County through the lens of a black community centered on the St. John's church, school, and cemetery.

Desegregating Denton: The Denton Women's Interracial Fellowship. The DWIF was started in 1964 by a number of white and black women from the local Denton churches. During a time when white Dentonites responded to the civil rights movement with resistance and occasional violence, a small, bi-racial group of women met with a simple question: how to break down the barriers between themselves. What began as a simple question became a grassroots movement that achieved the kind of progress that was rarely seen in the Southern United States in this era. The City of Denton Public Art Committee commissioned a public art display September 1, 2021 to memorialize their legacy: DWIF