OH 2018

Former state representative, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Governor of Texas, and feminist leader. Childhood in a liberal, politically active family in Corpus Christi, Texas; experiences with racial segregation and discrimination; experiences in Corpus Christi public schools, the Hockaday School for Girls, Vassar College, and UT Law School.

OH 1936

For the American History: Voluntary Simplicity Oral History Project. Childhood memories growing up in China and Japan. Masanobu’s music career. Tomoko’s early work as a midwife. Spiritual life and practices. Their married life together in simple living community.

OH 2010

UNT professor of jazz studies. His youth in Baltimore, Maryland, during the 1960s and 1970s including his music education at Baltimore County Public Schools, and the musical influence of the Left Bank Jazz Society. His experience as a UNT student in the jazz studies and music theory programs (1981-1986), playing saxophone in the One O’clock Lab Band and at venues around Denton.

OH 2009

For the DFW Metroplex Immigration Oral History Project. He discusses his family’s immigrant history from Vietnam to North Texas, his identity as a Texan, how he found his way to working in the culinary world, and what he hopes to see in the future of Vietnamese American cuisine.

OH 2008

UNT professor of jazz studies. His youth in Denver, CO during the 1960s and 1970s including thoughts on the Baptist Church community and Denver music venues such as the El Chapultapec. His work as a professional saxophone musician in the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s touring all over the world with groups such as the Harry Connick Jr. Orchestra and Count Basie Orchestra.

OH 2007

Food blogger, photographer, and stylist. Discussion on her family’s immigrant history from Bangladesh to Scotland to Texas; her cultural and national identity; her work with food; experiences with food-shaming; and the act of de-colonizing food and recipes.

OH 2006

For the DFW Metroplex Immigration Oral History Project. Swiss-born Elisabeth Gertrud Brolin discusses the defining moment of her life including the decision to move to the United States (DFW, TX) as well as her Christian faith. More specifically, she includes the reasons for her immigration, the first impressions of the U.S., the positive aspects of her experience as an immigrant and the reasons for becoming a committed Christian and how her faith fundamentally changed her life.

OH 2005

For the DFW Metroplex Immigration Oral History Project. Born in Kabul, Afghanistan; growing up in Pakistan; father’s experience working for Afghan government and being captured by Taliban; immigrating to the United States; work and education experiences in the United States; contract work with the Department of Defense related to the War in Afghanistan; family background; cultural ties to the Middle East.

OH 2004

Dallas-based business leader and philanthropist. Grandparents’ experiences in present-day Belarus and Prussia and as immigrants to the U.S. and eventually to Fort Worth; parents’ experiences growing up in Fort Worth. Education in Fort Worth public schools culminating at Paschal High School and at UT-Austin; experiences in U.S. Army. Career as a systems engineer at Bell Helicopter, Electronic Data Systems, General Motors, Perot Systems, and others.