Open | Oral History


OH 2080

For the Denton County Historical Commission. Childhood, family, and adulthood in the DFW area. Discovering family history through genealogy and other official records: birth and death certificates, census reports, local history. Wright family history of members buried in a mausoleum in the Independent Order of ODD Fellows (IOOF) Cemetery: William Crow Wright, Marmaduke Gillenwater (Wright). History of ancestor Sallie Caruthers and connections with the Chisum family.

OH 2079

For the Denton County Historical Commission. Childhood memories and family history in Denton County. First mayor of Trophy Club. Career and working history: General Motors, Frito-Lay, Mercantile Corporation. Involvement with Denon County Commission’s Court. Development of Emergency Services District (ESD) and building of fire station to increase response times of emergency services for: Northlake, Argyle, Bartonville, Copper Canyon, Corral City and unincorporated areas of Denton County.

OH 2083

For the Women in Business Oral History Project. Entrepreneur and author. The interview spans her early life and education, as well as her changes in career from accounting, and sales, to running her own business and writing her books. She discusses her motivation to empower women in business using her tagline “Women want to be treated equally, not identically.” She discusses the decisions and experiences as a woman in business that led her to open her own company and the challenges she faced. She also discusses the impact of COVID on her business and its effect on business as a whole.

OH 2082

For the Women in Business Oral History Project. Director of Client Services in the insurance industry. The interview spans her motivation and education leading up to her career, the diversifying workforce in the industry, and the impacts of current technology and COVID. She discussed her role in starting a Women In Business group in the past and currently, as well as how being a woman in a leadership role has changed over the last several decades. She also discusses diversity in the workplace as well as her role as a single mother while working.

OH 2078

UNT graduate and Associate Director of the Baptist Student Ministry. Discussion on the impact the COVID pandemic and student life.

OH 2081

Laos-born Hmong refugee and immigrant to the U.S. Childhood in Laos and experience fleeing communists in the “secret war;” life at Ban Vinai refugee camp in Thailand; and resettlement in the U.S.; family experiences in Minnesota.

OH 2071

Immigration, Philippines, and food memories. His experiences immigrating to America from the Philippines. Childhood and food memories in Philippines; immigration to America; school years in San Francisco, California; American foods; interest in fitness and personal training; American pop culture influences; Texas; consequence and value of foods; nutrition; family.

OH 2072

For DFW Immigration Oral History Project. Vietnamese immigrant. Childhood in wartime and immediate post-war Vietnam; Communist persecution and flight from the country; Vietnamese boat people; experiences in refugee camps in Japan and the Philippines; immigration to the United States and subsequent challenges; careers with Ryobi and Bosch; move from California to Oklahoma; importance of family; thoughts on contemporary Vietnamese immigrants.

OH 2070

For World War II Home Front Oral History Project. English and Humanities lecturer. Childhood in wartime Durant, Oklahoma; education at Robert E. Lee Elementary; sense of community; poor economy; wartime vitamin deficiencies; polio; reflecting on the war through a child’s eyes; post-war struggles; PTSD; role of religion in wartime Durant; gold star families; reflections on the Korean and Vietnam wars; experience in the Oklahoma Army National Guard; graduate school at the University of Oklahoma; hippies and the counterculture movement.

OH 2084

Administrative Coordinator at UNT. Childhood in Germany, education at University of York, England, career with UNT administration. Experience as a “third-culture kid” being born in Germany, moving to the USA at 30 years old.