OH 2022

Mexican-born immigrant to the U.S.; immigrant rights activist, and anthropology professor with expertise in immigrant communities from Guanajuato, Mexico, in the U.S. Childhood and education in Mexico City; decision to pursue a career in the field of political anthropology; decision to open the Oak Cliff Center for Community Studies; work with Camposanto del Cemento Grande and other community organizations in Dallas; work to increase Hispanics’ access to college; involvement in immigrant rights movements and local Mexican American political groups.

OH 2021

Mexican-born immigrant to the U.S. of German heritage and immigrant rights activist. Childhood and education in Mexico City and Puebla, Mexico; involvement in activist student politics; career as a biologist working on issues of bacterial resistance; involvement in immigrant rights movements and local Mexican American political groups; opinions about Mexican attitudes toward immigrants; involvement in the April 2006 Dallas “Megamarch.” Interview in Spanish and English translations.

OH 2020

For the Air America Oral History Project. Marine Corps veteran and Air America pilot. Childhood and education in New Jersey and Central College; decision to enlist in the Marine Corps during the Korean War; experiences while stationed at El Toro, California, Japan, Cherry Point, NC, Parris Island, SC, and Beaufort, SC, and aboard an aircraft carrier; decision to join Air America; experiences while stationed in Taiwan, Bangkok, Saigon, and Phnom Penh; opinions on the Vietnam War and Air America’s role in it.

OH 2019

UNT Emeritus Professor of History. Childhood in Kansas; graduate education at University of New Mexico and teaching career at North Texas, beginning in 1964; remembrances of Vietnam War-era protest on campus and feelings about the war more generally among NT students and faculty.

OH 2016

For the Dallas LGBT Oral History Project. Owner of Mable Peabody’s Beauty Parlor and Chainsaw Repair, Denton’s first LGBT-friendly bar. Childhood in East Texas and in Gainesville, Texas; brief marriage to a man; coming out narrative; experiences managing bars in Dallas; experiences during the AIDS crisis; relationships with LGBT community; decision to open Mable Peabody’s, and experiences there.

OH 2015

Dr. Victor Rodriguez spotlights significant insights into his storied career through five eras: his early all-Hispanic elementary school training; his continued study and budding athletic prowess in the Edna, TX, school district; his Victoria Junior College athletic achievements and learning; his higher education, Geezle membership, and track accomplishments at North Texas State College; and his 37-year career as a teacher, coach, and superintendent in the San Antonio school district.

OH 2014

For the UNT Foundation Oral History Project. Childhood and education in Denison, Texas, and at Grayson College, Southern Oklahoma University, and UNT; career as a Certified Public Accountant; work with the UNT comptroller’s office and the UNT Foundation.

OH 2013

For the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Immigration Project. Childhood and family history in Jamaica; parents’ divorce; father’s decision to immigrate to the U.S. with two daughters; experiences with the U.S. immigration system; reminiscences of family life in Jamaica and Jamaican history.