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IDAR, Ed (b. 1920)

Interview ID: OH 0039

Attorney. His experiences as a leader in the American GI Forum, Political Association of Spanish-speaking Organizations (PASO), and other Mexican-American social action groups. Back-to-school drives; undocumented workers problem; bracero problem; school segregation; jury service; poll tax drives; LULAC; Viva Kennedy movement; gubernatorial election, 1962; Crystal City incident, 1963.
Date of Interview: 20/02/1969

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IKEMIYA, Masanobu (b. 1946) & Tomoko (b. 1956)

Interview ID: OH 1936

For the American History: Voluntary Simplicity Oral History Project. Childhood memories growing up in China and Japan. Masanobu’s music career. Tomoko’s early work as a midwife. Spiritual life and practices. Their married life together in simple living community.
Date of Interview: 07/08/2015

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IMBER, Nat (b. 1911)

U.S. Navy WWII Veteran.

Interview ID: OH 1660

For the Tarrant County War Veterans Oral History Project. Childhood and education in New York, New York; education at New York University; work with Works Progress Administration-funded physical education programs; career in New York public schools; enlistment in U.S. Navy following Pearl Harbor; experience in the service as a Jew; assignment as physical training instructor to bases in Virginia, California, and Maryland; marriage to Dorothy; move to wife’s hometown of Fort Worth, then to New York City, and again to Fort Worth; career in sales, culminating in ownership of several clothing and liquor stores.
Date of Interview: 11/10/2007

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INDMAN, Pec (b. 1954)

Interview ID: OH 2067

For the Postpartum Depression and Maternal Mental Health Oral History Project. Pec Indman is a retired psychotherapist with a focus on maternal mental health and postpartum depression. She discusses her training in psychology and therapy, and her entry to the field of perinatal mental health. Indman discusses her work with Postpartum Support International (PSI), especially her development of PSI training in the 1990s and later work developing certification (PMH-C) through Pearson Vue. Mentions other postpartum advocates/PSI members including Shoshana Bennett, Jane Honikman, Birdie Gunyon Meyer, Wendy Davis.
Date of Interview: 06/01/2023

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INGMAN, Stan (b. 1939)

UNT College of Health and Public Service.

Interview ID: OH 1992 Ingman, Stan

Growing up in Pennsylvania and West Virginia where the economy was based on industrial chemical production and coal mining, Stan Ingman experienced environmental degradation first-hand. An affinity for the outdoors and a concern for public health resulted in degrees in botany, rural communities and medical sociology. The “engaged university” offered a forum for multidisciplinary projects and research-based results. He arrived at UNT in 1990, and worked with Dr. Hiram Friedsam to create programs for the Center for Public Service. Sustainability was the basis for their conceptual model as expressed by The “Four E’s” – Enterprise, Environment, Education and Empowerment. Their vision emphasized both the physical and social environment, finding connections between the aging population and the aging planet. Education and empowerment strategies would provide the tools for public health and economic well-being. During his thirty years at UNT, Stan has practiced his brand of “the engaged university” at the local, regional, national and international levels. Using his social science lens, he continues to identify relationships between human behavior and sustainable outcomes. Collaborative efforts include affordable housing, healthy neighborhoods, after-school programs, sustainable campus initiatives and green building technologies. Stan sees great potential in social media communication, data mapping and the citizen science model. He encourages his graduate students to “value networks” by combining multidisciplinary technical expertise with established grassroots groups in order to achieve lasting social change.
Date of Interview: 14/03/2019

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INGRAM, Jack W. (b. 1921)

Interview ID: OH 1106

His experiences while employed by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression.
Date of Interview: 20/10/1995

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IRELAND, Nelda (b. 1934)

Braniff International Airways.

Interview ID: OH 1957

Ireland, Nelda: Reservations, Customer Service Agent. The in-flight and ground experiences of Braniff International Airways by Abra Schnur through a collection of former Braniff employee interviews. Interviewees include flight attendants, pilots, ticket agents, ground crew, executives and family members. Content includes personal reflections of Braniff’s impact on the DFW area and the airline industry as a whole with the “End of the Plain Plane” campaign brought in by Harding Lawrence. Discussions on being a part of the Braniff family and Braniff’s rise to the top of preferred airlines to its bankruptcy on May 12, 1982.
Date of Interview: 18/01/2014

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IRELAND, Tennie (b. 1922)

Interview ID: OH 1613

For the Texas Textile Mill Oral History Project. Former textile mill worker. Experiences Experiences growing up in McKinney; work career at Texas Textile Mill beginning at age thirteen; her experiences and other family members’ experiences at mill; experience in “mill block” housing; union organizing; memories of 1948 tornado that destroyed the McKinney mill and many other buildings in town; work career at Texas Instruments; opinions regarding practice of women’s unequal pay as compared to men’s for equal work at mill.
Date of Interview: 14/11/2006

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IRICK, Clifton (b. 1919)

Interview ID: OHB 0045

Realtor, owner and operator, Clifton Irick Real Estate, Pilot Point, Texas. Family background; description of Pilot Point, 1930s; work in dry goods store and as insurance salesman; purchase of White Auto Store franchise; purchase of Pilot Point National Bank, 1983; race relations in Pilot Point; experiences in retailing business; history of Pilot Point banking; comments on bank directors; expansion of bank; views on government regulations of banking; comments on bank personnel; sale of bank and entry into full-time real estate work, 1975; advantages of Pilot Point’s location; development of homeowner property and horse farm property; comments on land prices in Pilot Point area; cotton ginning in Pilot Point; views on financing loans; advertising sources; civic activities; vignettes of Pilot Point history.
Date of Interview: 08/03/1980 to 12/04/1980

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Interview ID: OH 1445

His random reminiscences about life in Pilot Point, Texas, 1920-1987. Effects of the Great Depression on his family and Pilot Point; description of businesses in downtown Pilot Point; gardening, butchering, and food preservation; race relations; local entertainment; civic organizations; identification of long-time families in the area; discovery of oil and its effects on the local economy in the 1930s.
Date of Interview: 02/09/1987

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ISAACS, Kenneth (b. 1915) and Eliza (b. 1909)

U.S. Navy WWII Veteran.

Interview ID: OH 0248

Navy veteran and his wife. His experiences while living in Honolulu and reporting aboard the repair ship USS Dobbin during the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941; her experiences while living in Honolulu during the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
Date of Interview: 24/08/1974

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ISACKSEN, R. N. (b. 1918)

U.S. Navy WWII Veteran.

Interview ID: OH 0476

His experiences while aboard the seaplane tender USS Tangier during the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
Date of Interview: 09/05/1979

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ISLAM, Amirah (b. 1988)

Interview ID: OH 2007

Food blogger, photographer, and stylist. Discussion on her family’s immigrant history from Bangladesh to Scotland to Texas; her cultural and national identity; her work with food; experiences with food-shaming; and the act of de-colonizing food and recipes.
Date of Interview: 27/02/2021

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ITES, Frank (b. 1920)

U.S. Navy WWII Veteran.

Interview ID: OH 0610

His experiences while aboard the battleship USS West Virginia during the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
Date of Interview: 21/10/1983

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IVEY FAMILY. Olgie Ivey (b. *), Mary Louise Ivey Bardas (b. *), and Ben Ivey, Jr. (b. 1935)

Interview ID: OHB 0039

IVEY, Olgie and Mary Louise Ivey Bardas. Family business of Ben C. Ivey, Sr. in Denton, Texas. Family background; Ben Ivey’s education; ownership of automobile dealerships and Sinclair distributorship in 1930s and 1940s; civic activities. IVEY, Ben C., Jr. President, Ben C. Ivey Oil Company, Denton, Texas. Family background; Ben Ivey’s education; ownership of automobile dealerships and Sinclair distributorship in 1930s and 1940s; civic activities. IVEY, Ben C., Jr. President, Ben C. Ivey oil Company, Denton, Texas. Family background; father’s automobile and oil business; creation of Ben C. Ivey Oil Company, 1959; growth of business; background of Sinclair Oil Company; sale of gasoline and automotive products; gasoline price fluctuations; purchase and delivery of oil products to markets; personnel; financing of business; government regulations; future of oil jobbing; volunteer activities with Denton State School; cab and limousine business; civic activities.
Date of Interview: 17/10/1979 to 14/11/1979, 28/11/1979

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