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ULATOWSKA, Hanna K. (b. 1933)

Interview ID: OH 0859

College professor, Holocaust survivor. Her experiences as a non-Jewish survivor of the Holocaust. Family background; German conquest of Poland, 1939; life under German occupation; Warsaw Uprising, 1944; deportation to Auschwitz-Birkenau; life in the concentration camp; escape from Auschwitz-Birkenau; postwar life in Poland under Russian occupation and communist government; emigration to United States; lasting effects of Holocaust experience.
Date of Interview: 16/02/1990

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UREY, Harry B., Jr. (b. 1923)

U.S. Army Air Forces WWII Veteran. 454th Bomb Squadron. 323rd Bomb Group. 9th Air Force.

Interview ID: OH 1339

Mechanical engineer. His experiences as a B-26 pilot in the European Theater during World War II. His pre-service work experiences assembling the B-26 for the Glenn L. Martin Company in Baltimore, Maryland; flying characteristics of the B-26; basic training, Miami Beach, Florida, 1942; enlistment in the Aviation Cadet Program; primary flight training, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, 1943; basic flight training, Independence, Kansas, 1943-44; advanced flight training, Pampa, Texas, 1944; B-26 training, Dodge City, Kansas, 1944; formation of his crew, Barksdale Army Air Field, Shreveport, Louisiana, 1944-45; assignment to the 454th Bomb Squadron at Valenciennes, France, 1945; his first mission, March 24, 1945; German flak; his encounter with Me-262 fighter jets on April 4, 1945; postwar career.
Date of Interview: 14/10/1999

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UTTAL, Jordan R. (b. 1915)

U.S. Army Air Forces WWII Veteran. 2nd Air Division Headquarters. 8th Air Force.

Interview ID: OH 1330

Business executive. His experiences as a statistics control officer in the European Theater during World War II. Pre-war education and business experience in the dairy industry; entry into the Army, December 29, 1941; Air Forces Administrative Officer Candidate School, 1942; training as a statistical control officer at Harvard Business School under Robert McNamara, 1942-43; application of business methods to Air Force operations; assignment to the 14th Bomb Wing, MacDill Field, Florida, 1943; description of the functions of a statistical control officer; assignment to the Statistical Control Section, 2nd Air Division, 8th Air Force, 1943; temporary transfer to the Photo-Analysis Section, 2nd Air Division; his courtship and marriage to Joyce Christie King on December 29, 1944; influence of his wartime experiences on his postwar business career.
Date of Interview: 27/09/1999

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