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YAÑEZ, SARA (b. 1985)

Interview ID: OH 1864

For the Dallas DREAMers Oral History Project. Mexican-born immigrant to Wichita Falls, Texas. Childhood in Mexico; life in the bordertown of Juarez, Mexico; family’s decision to immigrate to the United States; becoming American; racism; quality of life differences between being documented and undocumented; process to become documented.
Date of Interview: 09/12/2015

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YANG, Xa (b. 1979)

Interview ID: OH 2081

Laos-born Hmong refugee and immigrant to the U.S. Childhood in Laos and experience fleeing communists in the “secret war;” life at Ban Vinai refugee camp in Thailand; and resettlement in the U.S.; family experiences in Minnesota.
Date of Interview: 09/03/2023

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YEAGER, Charles W. (b. 1918)

U. S. Army Air Forces WWII Veteran.

Interview ID: OH 1254

Molder. His experiences as a member of the 222nd Combat Crew Training School during World War II. B-17 bomber maintenance at Amarillo Army Airfield, 1942-43; advanced training in aircraft instruments, Chanute Field, Illinois, 1943; assignment as an instruments specialist to the 395th Bomb Group, Ephrata, Washington, 1943; permanent assignment to the 222nd Combat Crew Training School, Ardmore Army Airfield, Ardmore, Oklahoma, 1943; promotion to crew chief of a B-17; daily routine as crew chief; mechanical characteristics of B-17s; WACs as B-17 maintenance personnel; news of his brother's death during the landings at Anzio, 1944; V-E Day and decision to reenlist for duty in the Army of Occupation in Germany, 1945.
Date of Interview: 14/08/1998

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YERGER, Robert E. (b. 1919)

U.S. Navy WWII Veteran.

Interview ID: OH 1501

His experiences as a flying boat pilot in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Decision to enlist in the Navy, May, 1942; basic flight training, Naval Air Station, Grand Prairie, Texas, 1942; advanced flight training, Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi, Texas, 1942; PBY flying boat training at Corpus Christi, 1942-43; his tenure as a flight instructor, Chase Field, Beeville, Texas, 1943; assignment as a base personnel officer at Chase Field, 1943-45; flying PB2Y flying boats with cargo and personnel in the Pacific, 1945; activities on Majuro Island; his experience flying the Martin Mars flying boat; mustering out of the service, August, 1946.
Date of Interview: 12/04/2003

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YERGIN, Howard (b. 1921)

Caltex Petroleum Corporation.

Interview ID: OH 0669

Executive, Caltex Petroleum Corporation. Education and military service; employment with Caltex; assignment to China, 1948, as accountant; conditions in Nationalist China; Chinese Revolution, effects on Caltex; comments about Hans Bieling, Phil Lefevre; assignment to Hong Kong; Caltex internees under communist regime; postwar oil glut; nature of China market; assignment to Caltex (New York), Taxation Division, 1951; comments about Murdo McIver; Caltex’s acquisition of Texaco’s North African and European interests, 1947; development of Japanese market; long-term planning; acquisition of T-2 tankers; Bapco, its role in the Caltex system; Minas Field, its importance; military fuel oil contracts; transfer to Finance Department; currency problems and Caltex planning; reorganization into Caltex East, Caltex West, and Caltex Services Company; transfer of European operations to shareholders, 1967; development of Korean market; Caltex in Australia; OPEC and effects on Caltex; expropriation and nationalization; transfer prices and trading companies; reentry into China; Caltex in South Africa; governmental relationships and Caltex policy; training of foreign nationals; comments about Neal Lilley and James Voss; relationship between home office and subsidiaries; relationship between Caltex and shareholders; Caltex tanker fleet; decision to move Caltex headquarters from New York to Dallas; appointment as chairman of the board, 1983.
Date of Interview: 23/01/1986, 24/01/1986

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YORDEN, Stephen P. (b. 1921)

U.S. Navy WWII Veteran.

Interview ID: OH 0649

His experiences while aboard the destroyer USS Dewey during the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
Date of Interview: 05/05/1984

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YOUNG, Geralene Mahone (b. 1926)

Interview ID: OH 1022

Her experiences as an employee of the Red River Army depot in Texarkana, Arkansas, during World War II and the postwar years. Hiring and promotion practices; relations between male and female workers; social activities; social and economic effects of depot on Texarkana.
Date of Interview: 18/01/1994

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YOUNG, Herbert W. (b. 1924)

U.S. Navy WWII Veteran.

Interview ID: OH 0787

His experiences while aboard the destroyer USS Worden during the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
Date of Interview: 01/10/1989

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YOUNG, James (b. 1920)

U.S. Navy WWII Veteran.

Interview ID: OH 0244

His experiences with VP-22 at Ford Island Naval Air Station during the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
Date of Interview: 17/08/1974

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YOUNG, Robert C. (b. 1916)

U.S. Army Air Forces WWII Veteran. 331st Bomb Squadron. 94th Bomb Group. 8th Air Force.

Interview ID: OH 1314

His experiences as a B-17 pilot in the European Theater during World War II. Prewar work experience; basic training, Sheppard Field, Wichita Falls, Texas, 1942; pre-flight training, West Texas State Teachers College, Canyon, Texas, 1942; primary flight training, Wickenburg, Arizona, 1942; basic flight training, Lancaster, California, 1943; advanced flight training, Fort Sumner, New Mexico, 1944; B-17 transition training, Hobbs, New Mexico, 1944; crew formation at Lincoln, Nebraska, 1944; further training at Rapid City, South Dakota, 1944; assignment to the 94th Bomb Group, Bury Saint Edmunds, England, October, 1944; his first mission to Hannover, Germany, 1944; his second mission to Merseburg, Germany, and the encounter with flak and fighter opposition; his mission during the Battle of the Bulge on Christmas Eve, 1944; low-level bombing missions to Hamburg, Kassel, and Ulm, Germany, 1945; the bonding effects of combat; his personal comments about the flying characteristics of the B-17; voyage back to the States aboard the Queen Mary, 1945.
Date of Interview: 28/07/1999

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YOUNG, Scott

US Army. ROTC Instructor.

Interview ID: OH 1945

UNT ROTC Instructor. Third generation Army. Experiences as student ROTC cadet at University of Florida. Afghanistan deployment. Experiences in three tours in Kuwait, Iraq and Baghdad. Growth as a platoon leader.
Date of Interview: 21/03/2014

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YOUNG, Thomas R. (b. 1932)

U.S. Army Air Forces WWII Veteran. 463rd Bomb Group. 774th Bomb Squadron. 15th Air Force.

Interview ID: OH 1320

Artist. His experiences as a B-17 pilot and a prisoner-of-war in the European Theater during World War II. Basic training, Miami Beach, Florida, January, 1943; primary flight training, Mira Loma Air Base, Oxnard, California, 1943; basic flight training, Mirana, Arizona, 1943; advanced flight training, Marfa, Texas, 1943-44; B-17 training, Roswell, New Mexico, 1944; crew assignment at Lincoln, Nebraska, 1944; crew training at Sioux City, Iowa, 1944; trans-Atlantic flight to English, 1944; assignment to the 15th Air Force, Foggia, Italy; living conditions at Foggia; experiences with the Tuskegee Airmen; various missions to Munich, Germany; his account of his B-17 being shot down on the nineteenth mission, November 16, 1944; details of his capture by Italian troops; interrogation by German personnel and solitary confinement; Stalag Luft III, Sagan, Germany, December, 1944; evacuation of Stalag Luft III and forced march to Spremberg, Germany, January-February, 1945; Nurnberg, Germany, 1945; forced march to Moosburg, Germany; liberation by 3rd Army troops.
Date of Interview: 03/09/1999

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YTURRI, Johnny (b. 1900)

Interview ID: OH 0623

His recollections concerning ranching in the early days of Orange County, California; Basque customs and folkways.
Date of Interview: 16/02/1984

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YUNG, Ben F. (b. 1922)

Interview ID: OH 0915

His experiences while employed by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression. Childhood in Ranger, Texas; joining the CCC; assignment to F-8-N at Sandia Park near Albuquerque, New Mexico; camp move to Monticello, New Mexico; reenlistment to Fort Griffin near Albany, Texas; description of camps; life in camps.
Date of Interview: 02/03/1993

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