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Former chairman of the board and chief executive officer, Caltex Petroleum Corporation. Education; military service in China during World War II; employment with Caltex, 1946; assignment to Shanghai as legal officer; land titles and property claims in China; postwar marketing strategies in the Far East; competition from Shell and Standard Vacuum; formation of Caltex, his version; Chinese inflation; fall of the Kuomintang, 1949; postwar movement of crude oil, its significance; hostage of radical students at National Chaotung University; character sketches of Phil Lefevre, J. M. Hansen, Hans Bieling, and George Rockholtz; evolution of fuel oil as under boiler fuel; purchase of T-2 tankers, their significance; Caltex hostages in Red China; development of the Japanese and Okinawan markets by Caltex; Nippon Oil company and Koa, joint ventures; Tokyo Tanker Company; Shun Nomura, his significance; joint ventures in refineries in Japan; Nippon Petroleum Refining Company; Indonesia and the Minas field; development of the Korean market; Lucky Chemical and Goldstar, joint ventures; Yosu refinery; development of the Okinawan market; military fuel oil contracts; development of the Filipino market; Batangas refinery; development of the Australian market; ALOR, Ampol, Sleigh; Kurnell refinery; financing refinery expansion; purchase by Caltex of Texaco’s European and North African operations, 1947; Bahrain and Bapco during the immediate postwar period; formation of ARAMCO; reorganization into Caltex East, Caltex West, Caltex Services Company; assignment to New York, 1961; European operations; spin-off of European operations to Texaco and Socal, 1967; comments about Alec Singleton, Neal Lilley; evolving relationship between Caltex (New York) and its subsidiaries; OPEC and its effects on Caltex; his policies and style as president and chairman of the board; expropriation and nationalization; reentry of Caltex into People’s Republic of China; evolution of Caltex operations in South Africa; transfer of Caltex headquarters from New York to Dallas; review of significant trends and influences in Caltex operations; pricing policies; changes in Caltex relations with Japan; evolving relationship between Caltex and parent companies (Texaco and Socal).

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Physical Description 313 pp.
Terms of Use Open
Interviewer(s) Ronald E. Marcello
Date of Interview January 9, 1986, April 4, 1986, June 20, 1986

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