1967 | Oral History


OH 1573

African-American alumna of North Texas State College. Memories of childhood and early adulthood in Irving and Dallas, Texas; experience of attending all-black schools, including Booker T. Washington Technical High School; decision to enroll at North Texas State College in 1957; adjustments required for attending school in integrated setting; experience of boarding with African-American families in the “Shack Town” neighborhood of Denton; graduation from North Texas with B.A. in 1961 and M.Ed. in 1967; career with Dallas Independent School District.

OH 1241

Journalist. His experiences concerning the Dallas, Texas, counterculture of the 1960s and his activities as editor of the underground newspaper, “Dallas Notes” His association with “Notes from the Underground” at Southern Methodist University, 1967; origins of the name “Stony Burns”; attitudes toward the Dallas Establishment; harassment by civil authorities; Vietnam War as an issue; relations with the Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Times-Herald; business and financial operation of “Notes.”

OH 0659

Executive, Caltex Petroleum Corporation. Educational background; banking business in London; employment with Caltex and assignment with Bapco on Bahrain, 1937; Bahraini royal family; Bapco policies; World War II; post-World War II developments on Bahrain; assignment to Caltex (New York), 1957; Caltex reorganization, 1957; Caltex West Fiscal; OPEC and Third World; reentry of Socal and Texaco into European market, 1967.

OH 1710

For the Tarrant County War Veterans Oral History Project. Vietnam-era veteran of the U.S. Navy. Childhood in Rotan, Texs; father's military service; 1967 enlistment in U.S. Navy; service as hospital corpsman at naval hospitals in San Diego, Jacksonvilee, and Okinawa, and as a reconnaissance corpsman with a Marine unit in South Vietnam; difficulties in return to civilian life; enlistment in Naval Reserves; return to active duty; service aboard the USS Richard E.

OH 0680

Former chairman of the board and chief executive officer, Caltex Petroleum Corporation. Education; military service in China during World War II; employment with Caltex, 1946; assignment to Shanghai as legal officer; land titles and property claims in China; postwar marketing strategies in the Far East; competition from Shell and Standard Vacuum; formation of Caltex, his version; Chinese inflation; fall of the Kuomintang, 1949; postwar movement of crude oil, its significance; hostage of radical students at National Chaotung University; character sketches of Phil Lefevre, J. M.

OH 0679

Executive, Caltex Petroleum Corporation. Educational and military background; employment with Caltex, 1946; marketing assistant, Philippines, 1947; market expansion in Philippines; living conditions and social life in Philippines; major contracts; Huk rebellion; expansion of Philippine district offices; assignment to Davao; competition with Shell and Standard Vacuum; training of Filipino nationals; “case and can” market; construction of bulk terminals in Philippines; Batangas refinery; assistant district manager, Manila, 1955; Indonesian fields, importance to Philippines; impressions of C.