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OH 0682

Executive, Caltex Petroleum Corporation. On-the-job training with Texaco; assignment to China as terminal superintendent; the prewar China market; competition with Shell and Standard Vacuum; transfer to Ceylon; terminal expansion in Ceylon; development of the Ceylon market; transfer to Caltex (India); comments about William Pinckard; training of local nationals; development of the Calcutta terminal; Caltex (India) during World War II; living standards for overseas Caltex employees; assignment to Aden, 1945, for the development of bunkering facilities; transfer to India, 1947, as terminal superintendent and assistant general manager of Caltex (India); relations with Nehru and the Indian government; partition of India and Pakistan; postwar marketing strategies in India; relations between Caltex (India) and New York headquarters; transfer to South Africa, 1949, to reorganize the Operations Department; Caltex operations in South Africa; apartheid and Caltex; transfer to India, 1952, as general manager of Caltex (India); building of the Caltex refinery at Vishakhapatnam; labor relations; transfer to Australia, 1962, as shareholders representative; Kurnell refinery; appointment as regional director for Southern Africa, 1963; formation of Caltex East and Caltex West, background and results; refinery construction in Africa; enlargement of the Cape Town refinery; return of Caltex European operations to Texaco and Socal, 1967.

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Physical Description 131 pp.
Terms of Use Open
Interviewer(s) Ronald E. Marcello
Date of Interview June 18, 1986

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