OH 1818

For the Desegregating DFW Oral History Project. Attorney and Civil Rights advocate. Childhood in Arkansas; life during segregation; high school in Little Rock’s Dunbar High School; involvement in University of Arkansas’s integration; politics in Arkansas surrounding the Central High School integration; law practice in Arkansas and Dallas-Fort Worth; Dallas-Fort Worth Civil Rights activity and legal cases.

OH 1825

For the Desegregating DFW Oral History Project. Civil Rights activist and poet. Childhood in West Texas and Dallas-Fort Worth; family history; life during segregation; education; civil rights activism; process of desegregation; attending North Texas State University (now UNT); experiences with racism; poetry; John F. Kennedy assassination; church fellowship.

OH 1784

For the Desegregating DFW Oral History Project. Reflections on segregation, desegregation, and racial tensions in Fort Worth and Dallas from the 1950s-2010s from the perspective of a black female. Born in Champaign, Illinois; longtime resident of the Como neighborhood of Fort Worth, Texas.

OH 1573

African-American alumna of North Texas State College. Memories of childhood and early adulthood in Irving and Dallas, Texas; experience of attending all-black schools, including Booker T. Washington Technical High School; decision to enroll at North Texas State College in 1957; adjustments required for attending school in integrated setting; experience of boarding with African-American families in the “Shack Town” neighborhood of Denton; graduation from North Texas with B.A. in 1961 and M.Ed. in 1967; career with Dallas Independent School District.

OH 0841

Their experiences as residents of Hamilton Park, Texas, 1960-90 Early life in rural Texas; Jim Crowism in Dallas; decision to buy home in Hamilton Park; employment; home improvements; transportation problems; church activities; Civil League; property restrictions; commercial encroachment; traffic problems; political activities; school desegregation; the “Buy Out.”

OH 1620

For the Eastland County African American Women’s Oral History Project. Longtime resident of Eastland, Texas. Experiences regarding rural life, racial segregation, and race relations in Eastland County, Texas; childhood in a land-owning farming family in Mansfield, Louisiana; marriage to Perry short and move to Ranger, Texas; religious and social life among African Americans in Eastland; family history.

OH 1599

For the Eastland County African American Women Oral History Project. Longtime resident of Cisco, Texas. Memories of negative experiences in newly desegregated Cisco schools; phenomenon of self-segregation among students; decision to attend Cisco Junior College; social life among African Americans; perceptions of modern-day race relations in Cisco.

OH 0596

Businessman. His experiences as a member of the football team during the desegregation of athletics at North Texas State College, 1956.

OH 0252

College professor, former college administrator, former poet laureate of Texas. The making of the poet; analysis of his poetry; tenure as director of libraries and vice-president for academic affairs at North Texas State College; his philosophy of teaching; desegregation of the college, 1955-56.

OH 1595

For the Eastland County African American Women Oral History Project. Longtime resident of Cisco, Texas. Memories of childhood in the Humble Town community of Cisco; experience in all-black public schools; marriage to Robby Jones and decision to move to California and experiences there; decision to move back to Cisco following an earthquake; divorce from Jones and marriage to Oscar Weeks, owner of a popular barbecue restaurant; career as a factory worker, beautician, nurse’s aide, and physical therapist’s assistant; social life among blacks in Cisco; experiences with racial discrimination.