World War II

OH 1935

World War II U.S. Army veteran. Childhood and family memories. Experiences during the war including training at Fort Wolters and service in the 63rd Infantry Division in the European Theater. Post-war experiences working in and around Dallas.

OH 0762

His experiences at Schofield Barracks with the 25th Division, 19th Infantry, during the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

OH 1842

Artist and author. Childhood in Texas; family history; enlistment in U.S. Army as a medic; staged in France on V-E Day; stationed on hospital train running between Germany and France; post-war college; artistic career; writing career; Honor Flight trip.

OH 1378

His experiences in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Pre-war youth; entry into the Army and basic training, Camp Blanding, Florida, 1942; combat on Guadalcanal, 1943; New Georgia Campaign, 1943; Munda Campaign, 1943; Bougainville Campaign, 1943-44; Philippine Campaign, 1945; battle for Manila; his battle wounds on February 13, 1945, and medical evacuation.

OH 1304

His experiences in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Induction and stateside training, Camp Hulen, Palacios, Texas, and Camp Cook, Lompoc, California, 1942-43; operations in New Guinea, 1943-44; invasion of Toem, 1944; invasion of Leyte, 1944; invasion of Mindoro, 1944; eyewitness accounts of kamikaze attacks; operations around Zamboanga, Mindanao.

OH 1078

Architect. His experiences as a Japanese-American internee at the Gila River, Arizona, relocation camp during World War II. Pre-war anti-Japanese sentiment around Fort Stockton, California; his father’s activities with Japanese patriotic organizations; liquidation of farm property; relocation to Gila River; camp life at Gila River; resettlement to Detroit; conflict with his father over voluntary repatriation to Japan.

OH 1069

College professor. Her experiences as a Japanese-American internee at the Amache, Colorado, internment camp during World War II. Childhood experiences with bigotry in rural Colorado; evacuation from Los Angeles to Amache, September, 1942; camp life; her marriage in camp; resettlement in Chicago; lasting impressions of the internment experience.

OH 1280

Mechanical engineer, business executive. His experiences as a civilian internee of the Japanese in the Philippines during World War II. Employment with the Procter and Gamble Company in the Philippines, 1941; pre-World War II social life in Manila; supplying the U.S.

OH 1134

His experiences while aboard the submarine USS Chub in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Submarine School, New London, Connecticut, 1943-44; assignment to the Chub, 1944; his responsibilities as an electrician’s mate; various patrols in the North China Sea, the Java Sea, and off the Philippines.