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OH 1273

His experiences in the Italian Campaign and experiences as a prisoner-of-war of the Germans in the European Theater during World War II. Entry into the Army and basic training, 1943; transit across the Atlantic to North Africa and then to Naples; assignment as a replacement to the 83rdChemical Mortar Battalion; Monte Cassino; Anzio landing and being wounded by shrapnel when his ship sank; recuperation in Naples and return to his unit; murder of German POWs; Rome-Arno Campaign, 1944; invasion of southern France, 1944; transfer of the unit to the French Alps and his capture, 1944; initial incarceration in Torino (Turin); permanent POW camp at Stalag VII-A in Moosburg, Germany; POW life at Stalag VII-A; liberation; postwar adjustments to civilian life.

About this Oral History

Physical Description 88 pp.
Terms of Use Open
Interviewer(s) Ronald E. Marcello
Date of Interview August 6, 1998

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