Military Service | Oral History

Military Service

OH 1945

UNT ROTC Instructor. Third generation Army. Experiences as student ROTC cadet at University of Florida. Afghanistan deployment. Experiences in three tours in Kuwait, Iraq and Baghdad. Growth as a platoon leader.

OH 1944

UNT ROTC Instructor. Video log of military experience. Enlisted in US Army in 1983. Attended Officer Candidate School in 1985; received commission as 2nd Lieutenant; completed Airborne Jumpmaster School, assigned to Italy with 82nd Airborne Division. Work with US Border Patrol. Comparisons to being a US soldier in the 1990s to 2010s. Iraq deployment. Difficulties of being a soldier, teacher, student and father. Photos of 1st Platoon A Company 325th Airborne Regiment; teaching classes.

OH 1910

U.S. Air Force veteran. Trained with the Royal Air Force and was a pilot during the Berlin Airlift. Stationed in Tempelhof. Children’s reaction to the parachutes. Commander at Tempelhof.

OH 1916

For the Air America Oral History Project. Memories of growing up in Pittsburgh and Miami. First thoughts on becoming an aircraft pilot and joining the Naval Aviation Cadet Program. Transitioning form the Navy to the Marine Corp and joining active duty squadrons. Years spent flying for Pan-America before joining Air America. Flight and rescue missions while flying for Air America.

OH 1914

Member of the United States Army. Reasons for joining. Experiences at the New Mexico Military Institute. What it was like being stationed in Kuwait. Missions with the Texas National Guard. ROTC recruiter at the University of North Texas.

OH 1932

World War II Veteran. Recollections of military service under General Curtis LeMay; military pilot training; 305th Bomb Group.

OH 1833

For the Tarrant County War Veterans Oral History Project. Operation Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom era veteran. Childhood in Illinois and Dallas, Texas; decision to enlist in Air Force; basic training and tech school; life in the Air Force Reserves; acceptance into ROTC; future plans.

OH 1789

For the Women Veterans Oral History Project. U.S. Air Force Major, Logistics Planning Officer (21R), Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran.

OH 0957

His experiences in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Assignment to 2nd Marine Division; landings on Gavutu and Tanambogo in Florida Islands; Tarawa landing; Marianas campaign and Tinian landing.

OH 0769

His experiences at Ford Island Naval Air Station with the Assembly and Repair Division during the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.