HYDER, T. Bullock (b. 1907) | Oral History

HYDER, T. Bullock (b. 1907)

Profession: College Professor
Political Service: Texas Legislature
Political Party: Democrat

Oral Histories

College professor, former member of the Texas Legislature, from Denton, Democrat. Reminiscences from his tenure in the Texas House of Representatives, 1932-38. Assistant reading clerk; first legislative race, 1932; comments on former Governors Ross Sterling, James and Miriam Ferguson, James Allred, W. Lee O’Daniel, Coke Stevenson, Beauford Jester; Coke Stevenson as Speaker of the House; races for the House speakership; his race for the speakership, 1936; Depression politics; comments on various state legislators; liquor issue; pari-mutuel betting; education legislation; gas and oil legislation; lobbying; Democratic National Conventions of 1936 and 1940.
Date of Interview: May 12, 1966

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