OH 1290

Foundry superintendent. His experiences as a combat infantryman in the European Theater during World War II. Educational background; youth on the family farm; employment as a patternmaker at Riverside Foundry, Wrightsville, Pennsylvania, 1938; hand grenade production at Riverside Foundry; induction into the Army and basic training, Camp Blanding, Florida, 1943; troopship to Marseilles, France; assignment as a replacement to H Company, 137th Regiment, 35th Infantry Division; the Battle of the Bulge, December, 1944-January, 45; descriptions of close combat and winter living conditions; Rhineland Campaign, 1945; Ruhr Valley and the liberation of German towns; urban combat; liberation of concentration camps; end of the war and the sea voyage home; postwar adjustments to civilian life; career advancement at Riverside Foundry; decision to start his own foundry, H&H Castings, 1972.

About this Oral History

Physical Description 167 pp.
Terms of Use Open
Interviewer(s) Ronald E. Marcello
Date of Interview January 12, 1999

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