OH 0026

Former state senator, lieutenant governor, and governor of Texas, 1950-57. Observations on political career of Lyndon Johnson; Stevenson-Johnson senatorial race of 1948; Stevenson-Eisenhower presidential campaign of 1952; Johnson presidential race of 1960; Texas Democratic politics, 1952-56; Fifty-third State Legislature; governor’s role in state party organization; state Democratic Convention of 1951; gubernatorial election of 1954; veterans land board controversy, 1954-55; insurance scandals of the mid-1950s; lame-duck governor.

OH 0252

College professor, former college administrator, former poet laureate of Texas. The making of the poet; analysis of his poetry; tenure as director of libraries and vice-president for academic affairs at North Texas State College; his philosophy of teaching; desegregation of the college, 1955-56.

OH 0679

Executive, Caltex Petroleum Corporation. Educational and military background; employment with Caltex, 1946; marketing assistant, Philippines, 1947; market expansion in Philippines; living conditions and social life in Philippines; major contracts; Huk rebellion; expansion of Philippine district offices; assignment to Davao; competition with Shell and Standard Vacuum; training of Filipino nationals; “case and can” market; construction of bulk terminals in Philippines; Batangas refinery; assistant district manager, Manila, 1955; Indonesian fields, importance to Philippines; impressions of C.

OH 1158

His experiences concerning the desegregation of North Texas State College, 1954-56; comments about President J C Matthews and chair of the Board of Regents, Ben Wooten; observations about race relations in Denton, Texas.