Buy Out

OH 1005

Schoolteacher. Her experiences as a resident of Hamilton Park, Texas, 1954-91. Segregated education in Bryan, Texas; Wiley College; teaching career in segregated Dallas schools; decision to buy home in Hamilton Park; transportation problems; home improvements; church activities; Civic League; the “Buy Out”; zoning problems; Interorganizational Council and political activities; employment at Hamilton Park School; desegregation of Hamilton Park school and transfer to Richardson Independent School District; Pacesetter.

OH 1032

Her experiences as a resident of Hamilton Park, Texas, 1959-91. Early life as daughter of an African-American sharecropper; segregated education; African-American housing in Dallas during the 1940s and 1950s; decision to buy home in Hamilton Park; home improvements and pride in ownership; transportation problems; shopping; flooding and drainage problems; Hamilton Park PTA; Junior NAACP; desegregation of Hamilton Park School; Civic League; property restrictions; the “Buy Out.”

OH 0826

Airline employee, community leader. His experiences as a resident of Hamilton Park, Texas, 1956-90. Early life in East Texas; employment in Dallas; service in U.S. Navy during World War II; job promotions with Braniff; African-American housing in Dallas; decision to purchase home in Hamilton Park, 1956; flooding problems; shopping in the community; traffic and access problems; social activities; church activities; Civil League; Hamiltonians; Interorganizational Council; political activities; zoning controversies, Willowdell Park; the “Buy Out.”

OH 0841

Their experiences as residents of Hamilton Park, Texas, 1960-90 Early life in rural Texas; Jim Crowism in Dallas; decision to buy home in Hamilton Park; employment; home improvements; transportation problems; church activities; Civil League; property restrictions; commercial encroachment; traffic problems; political activities; school desegregation; the “Buy Out.”

OH 0924

His experiences while growing up in Hamilton Park, Texas, and attending the Hamilton Park School, 1951-64; the “Buy Out.”