HAYNER, Richard (b. 1953)

Profession: Writer

Oral Histories

His recollections about the Texas International Pop Festival, Lewisville, Texas, August 30-September 1, 1969, and the hippie movement in North Texas. His youth as the son of a itinerant Methodist preacher in West Texas; difficulties with his father; his description of the hippie movement; influence of The Beatles; thoughts on the demise of the hippie movement; the role of drugs in the hippie subculture; his description of activities at the Texas International Pop Festival; importance of music to the hippie movement; security at the pop festival; relations between hippies and bikers at the pop festival; activities of “Wavy Gravy” and The Hog Farm at the pop festival; the free stage at the festival; description of various groups and performers at the pop festival; his views of the achievements and influences of the hippie movement.
Date of Interview: March 1, 2003

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