BARNES, Ben (b. 1937) | Oral History

BARNES, Ben (b. 1937)

Political Service: Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, 1964-68, Lieutenant Governor, 1968-72
Political Party: Democrat

Oral Histories

His experiences and personal views as a member of the Sixtieth Legislature. Reapportionment and the “one-man, one vote” decision of U.S. Supreme Court; state employee pay raise; state water planning; federal-state relations; revision of Code of Criminal Procedures; comments about Governor John Connally; changes in House rules; industrial safety law; voter registration; reform of liquor laws and pari-mutuel betting; revenue legislation; one-year versus two-year budget.
Date of Interview: August 14, 1967 to August 5, 1968

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His experiences and personal views as a member of the Sixty-first Legislature. One-year versus two-year budget; creation of new four-year colleges; influence of beer and liquor lobby; sales tax exemptions; comments about Speaker Gus Mutscher; revenue legislation; annual legislative sessions; future political ambitions.
Date of Interview: January 5, 1970

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