ANDUJAR, Betty (b. 1912) | Oral History

ANDUJAR, Betty (b. 1912)

Profession: Politician
Employers: Texas State Senate
Political Party: Republican

Oral Histories

Her experiences and personal views as a member of the Sixty-sixth Texas Legislature. Biographical information; personal political philosophy; decision to enter politics and seek political office; Equal Rights Amendment; abortion and right-to-life; election to Texas Senate, 1972; Women’s Caucus; comments about Governors Dolph Briscoe and William Clements; interest rates; consumer legislation; appropriations bill; public school financing; Peveto bill; “Killer Bees.”
Date of Interview: September 6, 1979

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Member of the Texas Senate from Fort Worth, Republican. Her experiences and personal views as a member of the Sixty-seventh Texas Legislature. GOP gains, 1980 elections; initiative-referendum; interest rate ceilings; state water plan; property tax legislation; law-and order bills; redistricting.
Date of Interview: January 28, 1982

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Political activist, former legislator. Her views concerning the impact and significance of women on the development of the Republican Party in Texas, 1960-90. Evolution of GOP in Texas; personal political philosophy; views on abortion.
Date of Interview: September 12, 1993

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