OH 1744 | Oral History

OH 1744

For the DFW Metroplex Immigrants Oral History Project. Palestinian-born immigrant to Plano, Texas. Family history and childhood in Kuwait City; discrimination of Palestinians in the Middle East; first impressions of U.S.; education at the University of Kuwait and Midwestern State University; family experiences during the First Gulf War and circumstances surrounding her immigration to Texas in 1990; Career in medical technologies; thoughts on religion; experiences as a single mother; experiences living in Wichita Falls, Dallas, Richardson, Garland, and Plano; marriage to an American man and his conversion to Islam; involvement with political organizations; thoughts on American education and foreign policy.

About this Oral History

Physical Description 82 pp.
Terms of Use Open
Interviewer(s) R. Matthew Abigail
Date of Interview April 24, 2011

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