OH 1534

His recollections of the military service of his four brothers during World War II. His youth on the family farm near Van Alstyne, Texas, in the 1930s; comments about his parents; his brother “Bud’s” military experiences with the 6th Infantry Division in the Southwest Pacific Theater (New Guinea and the Philippines); his brother Bailey’s experiences in the Aleutian Islands; his brother Troy’s military experiences in the China-Burma-India Theater; his brother “Louie’s” draft deferment for doing farm work; his brother “Rube’s” military experiences doing stateside duty ; the effects of wartime military service on his brothers after the war; his decision to quit school and join the Air Force at age fourteen (with a fake birth certificate) in 1946; his stationing to Okinawa, 1947; obtaining a hardship discharge from the Air Force after his father’s death, 1947.

About this Oral History

Physical Description 87 pp
Terms of Use Open
Interviewer(s) Peter B. Lane
Date of Interview September 18, 2003

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