OH 1428

His experiences at Iwo Jima in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Educational background; his decision to enlist in the Marine Corps, 1941; Officer Candidate School, Quantico, Virginia, 1942; weapons and tactics instructor at Quantico, 1942-44; formation of the 5th Marine Division and his assignment to the 28th Marines, Camp Pendleton, San Diego, California, 1944; his role in amphibious training operations at Camp Pendleton and Hawaii, 1944-45; final preparations for the Iwo Jima assault; D-Day bombardment of Iwo Jima, February 19, 1945; the D-Day landings; the isolation and taking of Mount Suribachi; his description of the first flag raising on Mount Suribachi, February 23, 1945; the 28th Marines’ drive toward the north end of Iwo Jima; ground combat among caves and tunnels; combat casualties and combat stress; comments about the Japanese defenders; end of the Iwo Jima Campaign and preparations for the invasion of Japan.

About this Oral History

Physical Description 122 pp.
Terms of Use Open
Interviewer(s) Ronald E. Marcello
Date of Interview September 19, 2001

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