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OH 1126

Businessman, former president of Nocona Boot Company. His experiences as president of Nocona Boot Company, 1987-95; financial analyst for Justin Industries; comptroller for Nocona Boot Company, 1983-84; general manager of Nocona, 1984-87; president of Nocona, 1987-95; comments about Nocona’s founder, Ms. Enid Justin; “Urban Cowboy” craze and plant expansion, 1981; reorganization of boot manufacturing process; marketing and advertising strategies and the “Hero Series” posters; on-the-job training of plant executives; employer-employee relations; wages and benefits; western wear sales downturn, 1993 and layoffs; diversification of product line; creation of the “shoe boot”; his termination as president, 1995.

About this Oral History

Physical Description 84 pp.
Terms of Use Open
Interviewer(s) Carol Lipscomb
Date of Interview May 30, 1996

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