Floyd Jenkins

OHB 0087

Rancher and Wild West Show bronc rider. Childhood in Excelsior Springs, Missouri; trick riding and touring Europe and the U.S. with the 101 Ranch show; riding in various other shows; first marriage to Bryan Roach; second marriage to Fred Salmon; ranching in Nocona, Texas; Fred Salmon’s background; history of the Salmon Ranch; Montague County.

OHB 0032

NEWMAN, Rowe B. Founder and chairman of board, Russell-Newman Mfg. Company, Denton, Texas. Boyhood; early work experiences; education; store manager, Montgomery Ward; store manager, Butler Bros.; founding Russell-Newman, 1939; decision to specialize in lingerie; World War II; growth and expansion; financing methods; chain store accounts; decisions on designs; fabrics, dyes; government regulations; minority hiring; family members in business; employee relations; developing management team. MARTINO, Frank. President, Russell-Newman Mfg. Company. Family background; early work

OHB 0034

Co-founder (with husband Herman, deceased) of Tex Glass, Inc., Decatur, Texas. Family background; education in Brooklyn, N. Y.; teaching career; her knowledge of husband’s family background and his life in Europe during Hitler era; his technical training, work in glass factories; starting his own glass factory in Vienna; fleeing Nazis and migrating to Greece; Jewish underground in Central Europe; fleeing to Egypt, Palestine; migration to U.S.; their meeting and marriage; work in Canada and Mexico; opening glass factory in Athens,

OHB 0079

President and senior chairman of board, Mcclurkan’s, Wichita Falls, Texas. Family background; father’s employment with McClurkan’s store in Denton and Krum; father’s experiences opening and managing McClurkan’s store in Wichita Falls, 1907; comments on grandfather W. S.