rural life

OH 0118

Businessman. His observations on the settlement and development of the Coastal Bend area of South Texas, 1910-68. Ruhmann Manufacturing Company; rural social life.

OH 1454

For the Ray Roberts Lake Oral History Project. Realtor. Her reminiscences concerning rural life in the area of Tioga,Texas, 1917-1987. Changing demographics of the area; rising land values; comments about long-time residents of the area; a description of life on her family home place; revivals; medicine shows; home remedies; virtues of small-town life.

OH 0841

Their experiences as residents of Hamilton Park, Texas, 1960-90 Early life in rural Texas; Jim Crowism in Dallas; decision to buy home in Hamilton Park; employment; home improvements; transportation problems; church activities; Civil League; property restrictions; commercial encroachment; traffic problems; political activities; school desegregation; the “Buy Out.”

OH 1620

For the Eastland County African American Women’s Oral History Project. Longtime resident of Eastland, Texas. Experiences regarding rural life, racial segregation, and race relations in Eastland County, Texas; childhood in a land-owning farming family in Mansfield, Louisiana; marriage to Perry short and move to Ranger, Texas; religious and social life among African Americans in Eastland; family history.

OH 1456

For the Ray Roberts Lake Oral History Project. Farmer. His reminiscences about rural life in Denton County, Texas, 1920-1987. Changing crop patterns; development of larger farms and agricultural operations; Simpson’s sawmill; threshing season; rural migration to towns and cities.

OH 1443

For the Ray Roberts Lake Oral History Project. Farmer. His experiences and observations concerning rural life in Denton County, Texas, 1900-1987. Breaking mules; rural school; sheep and goat raising; hog killing; charcoal making.