Hamilton Park

OH 0829

Businessman, community leader. His experiences as a resident of Hamilton Park, Texas, 1959-90. Early work experience; service during the Korean War; positions with Lawyers Title Insurance Company; decision to buy a home in Hamilton Park, 1959; public transportation problems; flooding problems; shopping; deed restrictions; Interorganizational Council and political activities; Dad’s Club and PTA at the Hamilton Park School; desegregation and effects on Hamilton Park School; zoning problems; Civic League: church activities.

OH 0826

Airline employee, community leader. His experiences as a resident of Hamilton Park, Texas, 1956-90. Early life in East Texas; employment in Dallas; service in U.S. Navy during World War II; job promotions with Braniff; African-American housing in Dallas; decision to purchase home in Hamilton Park, 1956; flooding problems; shopping in the community; traffic and access problems; social activities; church activities; Civil League; Hamiltonians; Interorganizational Council; political activities; zoning controversies, Willowdell Park; the “Buy Out.”

OH 0793

Community leader. His experiences as a resident of Hamilton Park, Texas, 1956-89. Childhood in East Texas; decision to purchase home in Hamilton Park; social activities; Civic League; property maintenance and deed restrictions; widening of Forest Lane; widening of Schroeder Road; extension of Shepherd Road; relations with Texas Instruments; zoning problems; establishment of Crime watch program, 1986; industrial encroachment; environmental problems; Willowdell Park; Willie B. Johnson Recreation Center; real estate speculation and Homeowner’s League.

OH 0724

Retired communications technician, community leader. His experiences concerning the desegregation of the Hamilton Park, Texas, school and integration with the Richardson Independent School District (RISD) during the 1960s and 1970s. Hamilton Park Civic League; conditions at the Hamilton Park School; Civil Rights Act of 1964 and RISD’s compliance; creation of biracial zones; role of H.E.W. in the desegregation process; student adjustments to desegregation; role of the Interorganizational Council in the desegregation

OH 0841

Their experiences as residents of Hamilton Park, Texas, 1960-90 Early life in rural Texas; Jim Crowism in Dallas; decision to buy home in Hamilton Park; employment; home improvements; transportation problems; church activities; Civil League; property restrictions; commercial encroachment; traffic problems; political activities; school desegregation; the “Buy Out.”

OH 0902

Realtor. Her experiences as a resident of Hamilton Park, Texas, 1975-90. Early education in McKinney, Texas; involvement in real estate; involvement with Hamilton Park School; description of housing in Hamilton Park; Pacesetter; Hamilton Park Civic League; the “Buy Out.”

OH 0865

His experiences while growing up in Hamilton Park, Texas, 1955-65. Hamilton Park School; athletic activities; band activities.