Border Patrol | Oral History

Border Patrol

OH 1758

For the DFW Metroplex Immigration Oral History Project. Mexican-born immigrant to Plano, Texas. Childhood in Mexico; experiences during first visit to the U.S.; illegally crossing the border to live in Dallas, Texas; experiences with a coyote; experiences as an undocumented person; experiences with discrimination in the U.S.; thoughts on the DREAM Act and immigration process; advice for future immigrants.

OH 1617

For the Arms Along the Border Oral History Project. Instructor for Outward Bound wilderness program in Redford, Texas. Experiences growing up in Midwest; love of outdoors; career in Peace Corps; interactions with people of Redford; opinions regarding shooting of Esequiel Hernandez, Jr., and activities of U.S. Border Patrol.

OH 1605

For the Arms Along the Border Oral History Project. Experiences over a lifetime in Redford, Texas; local folklore concerning presence of U.S. armed forces and Border Patrol agents in the Big Bend region throughout 20th century; shooting of Esequiel Hernandez, Jr.

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