Oral Histories

A university of North Texas Ph.D. Dissertation written by Tommy W. Stringer and based upon oral history interviews; history of Jews and discrimination against them in Tsarist Russia; Zhid; shtetl; immigration difficulties; immigration policies of the united States; arrival of Sam Zalevsky in Texas, 1910; Jewish communities in Texas; Ku Klux Klan in Texas in 1920s; establishment of Zales jewelry stores, 1924; company philosophy and credit policy; advertising techniques; early growth of the firm; coping with the Great Depression; impact of the deterioration of oil-based economy upon the firm; post-Depression era growth; impact of World War II; post war expansion and purchase of Corrigan’s; impact of Love field on the firm’s international expansion and diversification; role of the DeBeers “Diamond Syndicate”; British Crown Jewels; firm’s philanthropic activities; Rovinsky trial for misappropriation of funds and illegal political campaign contributions in 1970s; Light of Peace Diamond; difficulties with internal Revenue Service and Securities and Exchange Commission in 1970s; 1980s prosperity.
Date of Interview:
January 1, 1983 to December 31, 1984

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