WEST, David (b. 1950) | Oral History

WEST, David (b. 1950)

Profession: Businessman

Oral Histories

Businessman. His experiences while attending the Texas International Pop Festival, Lewisville, Texas, August 30-September 1, 1969. His parents’ reactions to the cultural changes of the Sixties; his opposition to the Vietnam War, 1968-69; his high school experiences in the mid-Sixties; influences of the Beatles on his musical tastes; his college experiences at Texas A & I university, Kingsville, Texas, 1968-1971; his decision to attend the Texas International Pop Festival; drug use at the festival; his experience with psilocybin at the festival; the activities of the Hog Farm at the festival; comments about the festival performances of the Grand Funk Railroad, Led Zeppelin, Chicago Transit Authority, Santana, Rotary Connection, and Sweetwater; dropping out of college and being drafted into the Army, October, 1971; service in Vietnam as a truck driver; his return to civilian life in 1973 and graduation from Texas A & I, 1977.
Date of Interview: February 4, 2004

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