SCHIFF, William P. (b. 1918)

Profession: Businessman
Notable: Holocaust survivor

Oral Histories

Businessman, Holocaust survivor. His experiences during the Holocaust. Family background; youth in Krakow, Poland; prewar anti-Semitism; reaction to German invasion; forced-labor battalions; formation of Krakow Ghetto; ghetto life; smuggling activities; transports to concentration camps and deportation of parents in July, 1942; his marriage in the Krakow Ghetto, 1942; liquidation of Krakow Ghetto; deportation to Plaszów Concentration Camp; separation from wife, September, 1943; deportation to Auschwitz; medical experiments; survival techniques in Auschwitz; evacuation from Auschwitz, January, 1945; internment at Gross-Rosen; transfer to Buchenwald; liberation by American troops; reunion with his wife in Krakow; emigration to United States, 1949; lasting effects of Holocaust.
Date of Interview: January 12, 1990

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