DENTON ROOFING AND METAL WORKS. Interviews with Ezrum Massey (b. 1905), Pat Bomar (b. 1940), and Linda Bomar (b. 1941)

Profession: Founder

Oral Histories

MASSEY, Ezrum. Founder, Denton Roofing and Metal Works. Schooling and early life; construction and other work background; service in Army and sheet metal experiences there; start of partnership in roofing and sheet metal work; equipment and supply problems during World War II; growth of sales, equipment, facilities, employees; methods of financing; problems of finding, training, keeping skilled workers; views on expansion, company success, competition; sale of business to Bomars. BOMAR, Pat and Linda (joint interview). Owners and operators, Denton Roofing and Metal Works. Family backgrounds, education; early work experiences; his work experiences in carpentry, air conditioning, refrigeration, roofing, and sheet metal; purchase of business from Ezrum Massey; employee problems; importance of being self-employed.
Date of Interview: May 24, 1978

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