Texas history

OH 0984

Schoolteacher. Her views concerning the significance and impact of women on the development of the Republican Party in Texas, 1946-93. Acceptance of African-American women by Texas Republicans; her political philosophy; women’s issues.

OH 1062

Her recollections of the Progressive Era in Texarkana, Texas. Marriage to Wilbur Smith; courting practices; childhood; family servants; education; church activities; survey of downtown businesses; her job in the newspaper business; leisure time activities; Red Cross activities during World War I; family reading material; political activities.

OH 0841

Their experiences as residents of Hamilton Park, Texas, 1960-90 Early life in rural Texas; Jim Crowism in Dallas; decision to buy home in Hamilton Park; employment; home improvements; transportation problems; church activities; Civil League; property restrictions; commercial encroachment; traffic problems; political activities; school desegregation; the “Buy Out.”

OHB 0100

Owners and operators of grocery and furniture refinishing businesses, Fort Worth, Texas. Clarence’s family background; employment at grocery store, Kansas City, 1917; work for Sandegaard’s grocery store, Fort Worth, 1919; employment with A&P tea Company, 1927-37; opening of grocery stores in Fort Worth; description of equipment and food products at grocery stores in Kansas City and Fort Worth; prices of goods during Depression; reasons for leaving grocery business, 1941; employment with

OH 0034

Banker. Observations on land speculation, settlement, and development around Port Aransas and Aransas Pass, Texas, 1920-70.

OH 1204

Homemaker. Her reminiscences about various aspects of the history of Denton, Texas, 1910-1976. Church activities; revivals; brush arbors; baptisms; Great Depression; courting; miscellaneous items.