City of Denton (TX) History

OH 1745

For the Denton County Historical Commission. Native resident of Denton, Texas. Family history; relation to the first elected official in Dallas, Texas; Denton’s First State Bank; childhood and schooling in Denton; family during the Great Depression; playing piano; the Denton Square; Pearl Harbor and the Second World War; attending the University of North Texas; husband’s background; courtship; life in Austin, Texas; return to Denton; husband’s legal career; catering business; community involvement; children and grandchildren.

OH 1199

His reminiscences about his youth while residing in Denton, Texas, 1902-71; Boy Scouts activities, 1917-1930; other playtime activities; early descriptions of Texas Woman's University; family's emigration from Scotland, 1890; physical description of Denton, 1915-30.

OH 1682

For the Denton County Historical Commission. Longtime Denton County resident. Family history; farming life, religious practice, and education in the public schools of Argyle, Texas; marriage to Carson Sullivan and 1929 move to city of Denton; work for Denton Building and Loan Association; 1951 move to Dallas and 1973 return to Argyle; recollections of Influenza epidemic, Great Depression, World War II, and Kennedy assassination; admiration for Barack Obama.

OHB 0079

President and senior chairman of board, Mcclurkan’s, Wichita Falls, Texas. Family background; father’s employment with McClurkan’s store in Denton and Krum; father’s experiences opening and managing McClurkan’s store in Wichita Falls, 1907; comments on grandfather W. S.

OH 0252

College professor, former college administrator, former poet laureate of Texas. The making of the poet; analysis of his poetry; tenure as director of libraries and vice-president for academic affairs at North Texas State College; his philosophy of teaching; desegregation of the college, 1955-56.

OH 1637

For the Quakertown Oral History Project. Son of residents of Denton’s historic all-black Quakertown neighborhood and long-time Denton resident. Early childhood and education in Denton, including experiences with racial segregation and experiences with integrating Denton public schools; interest in radical black politics; influence of uncle, Fred Hill; career in U.S. Navy; family’s historical memories of Quakertown.

OHB 0021

Owner and operator of Joe’s Cleaners, Denton, Texas. Family background; early work experiences; education; work as youth in cleaning shop; opening Joe’s Cleaners, 1944; decline of dry cleaning business; his unique credit system; importance of self-employment; other business ventures; dealings with City of Denton; history of his business.

OH 0949

Schoolteacher. Her experiences at the Frederick Douglass Colored School, Denton, Texas, 1949-69. Relationship with students; church activities; comments about Principal Fred Moore.