Ronald E. Marcello

OH 0161

His experiences and personal views as a member of the Sixty-third Legislature. Freshman representatives; influence of Common Cause; reform legislation; appropriations; environmental legislation; comments about Governor Dolph Briscoe.

OH 0296

Truck driver, navy veteran. His experiences while aboard the destroyer USS Henley during the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

OH 0076

Businessman, Army veteran, survivor of the Bataan Death March. His experiences as a prisoner-of-war of the Japanese during World War II. Fall of Bataan and capture; Bataan Death March; Camp O’Donnell, 1942; Cabanatuan, 1942-43; hell ship to Japan, 1943; Zentsuji, Shikoku, 1943; Rokuroshi, Honshu, 1945; liberation.

OH 1269

His experiences in the European Theater during World War II. Preliminary training in New Mexico, Texas, Oregon, and Kansas; troop convoy to England, 1944; preparations for the Normandy Invasion, 1944; entry into Normandy on D + 6; transfer to 9th Air Force; initiation to combat; bombing of Saint Lô, July 25, 1944; supplying U.S. fighters and fighter-bombers; rest and recreation in France; black market activities; Battle of the Bulge, 1944-45; Rhineland Campaign, 1945; Munich and the end of the war; postwar adjustment to civilian life.

OH 0282

Episcopalian missionary. His experiences as a civilian internee of the Japanese in the Philippines during World War II. Capture on Mindanao; Davao internment camp, 1942-43; Santo Tomas, Manila, 1943; fall of Manila and liberation, 1945.