Dulce Ivette Ray | Oral History

Dulce Ivette Ray

OH 1500

Businessman, musician. His recollections concerning the development of the Northside (Fort Worth, Texas) Hispanic community, his music career, and the evolution of his family’s Mexican foods business. Immigration of his parents and grandparents from Mexico, 1919; employment of his father with Swift & Co., Fort Worth; opening of the family grocery store, 1941; economic importance of Swift & Co.

OH 1561

Nurse. Her experiences as a Mexican American and information about the history of the Mexican American community of Denton, Texas. Her parent’s efforts to integrate their family into the Anglo community; her youth in Tioga, Texas; the family’s move to Denton, May, 1957; early work experiences after graduation from high school; employment at the Denton State School; nursing scholarship at Texas Woman’s University; comments about her parent’s backgrounds; her return to the Mexican culture and involvement in Familias Unidas.

OH 1564

Community activist. Her experiences as an activist in the Mexican-American community of Fort Worth, Texas. Her youth in the coal-mining town of Bridgeport, Texas; experiences concerning discrimination in Bridgeport; closing of the mines in 1931 and the family move to Fort Worth; her work with the Mexican Presbyterian Church of Fort Worth in its outreach programs for Latinos; tensions between Anglos and Latinos; Mexican-American social activities and celebrations; her work in amnesty and citizenship programs; political activities; evolution of the Northside neighborhood.